Dream Spirit Flutes

About the Flutes

Wood:  The wood I use comes from many sources -- my favorites are reclaimed wood from furniture, pianos, buildings and other sources.  I also acquire trees and branches which have died or fallen in storms, as well as purchase wood from specific lumber yards, but I never use endangered species.  Typical woods used are cedar, maple, poplar, cherry, oak, holly, purple heart, paduk, pine, and walnut, but I will build flutes from other types of wood when available on special order.

Tuning:  Generally, my flutes are 6 hole flutes, tuned using an electronic tuner.  The tone holes are burned to size using a heated steel rod.  All flutes are tuned so they can be played with other instruments. 

Finish:  Flutes are finished with a tung oil/varnish mixture.  Generally, soft woods receive 4-8 coats, and hardwoods 2-4 coats (because they absorb less).  If you would prefer a different finish, such as an oil, wax or even urethane finish, I will be happy to accommodate your wishes.

Below are some examples of flutes I have made.  Click on the thumbnail to see a full-sized picture.

P5050030A.jpg (20073 bytes) Alaskan cypress with pink ivory totem.

P5120080A.jpg (33153 bytes)

Top: Spanish cedar with pink ivory totem
Center:  maple with walnut totem
Bottom: Australian lacewood

P5120082A.jpg (22791 bytes)

same flutes as above, full view
Pc010041A.jpg (16801 bytes) western red cedar drone with aromatic cedar totem
and mouthpiece
Pc010044A.jpg (21299 bytes) close-up of above drone
Pc010036A.jpg (20147 bytes) maple with walnut totem
P9010001A.jpg (40238 bytes) purple heart with African blackwood totem
P9010008A.jpg (22251 bytes) close-up of above purple heart flute