Dream Spirit Flutes

About Al Solbjor

During the 1970s I learned to build silver and gold transverse flutes. In the late 1980s, I first heard the beautiful, haunting sound of the Native American flute.  I didn't know what kind of flute I had heard, so I began searching and asking friends and fellow musicians if they'd heard of the instrument or if they knew where I could get a recording of one.  Once I learned what the instrument was that I had heard, I searched for quite some time before finding one at a crafts/arts fair.  I purchased my first flute right there on the spot from an extremely talented flute maker/musician, Werner John.

During the next year I practiced constantly and began making my own flutes  I am a one-person shop, and I build all of my flutes myself from beginning to end.  Though I normally work on more than one flute at a time, each flute is unique and has its own character.  DreamSpirit Flutes are Woodlands-style, and have a mellow, round tone that is soothing and sweet.

I am not Native American (other than that I was born in America); therefore, my flutes are not "Native American made".  However, I honor the Native American style.